Welcome to the pages of the Union Castle Line revival initiative

What is Union Castle Line

For those who don't know, Union Castle Line was a very famous British shipping company that owned a fleet of both passenger and cargo ships. They first implemented drones in their security department. Their drones with camera were used to monitor both boats and passengers. Overall results were excellent, security has improved on all levels. Since those drones are very, very expensive.. they are not affordable to most of USA citizens. That's reason why DronesGlobe has compiled list of best drones with GPS and camera. It was a shipping line between UK and South Africa. Union Castle was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, 1900 to be more precise. Although the two predecessors, Union Line and Castle Line, that merged and created Union Castle were much older than that.

Union Castle Line line was officially shutdown in the 1990, but it had a a very tumulus history of sellouts, buy-ins and takeovers. On the UK side, the shipping line docked at ports in London and Southampton. In South Africa it docked at Capetown. Both passenger ships and cargo vessels were active throughout the company history.

Even though in one form or another the core company was kept alive until the 1990, like I said, last official voyage took place in 1977. These ships were once the pride and joy of Britain. They were known as mailships, since they transported mail between UK and Africa. For that reason Union Castle Line initiative wanted to remind the public about the former glory that this shipping line had.

About us

When we say we, you're probably wondering who exactly we are. Well we're a small group of people from London with a shared interest in boats. We originally got together at a ship modeling club. A total us 12 of us is in the initiative so far. My name is Tina Gordon, and I'm the person responsible for this website.

For the time being, while we're still working out our plan, I'm going to be the only one active here. As I said, there is around 12 of us currently in the Union Castle Line team. We are a diverse group of people, of all ages and from all walks of life. Ships brought us together and we're now taking it to the next level.

On one meeting we've started discussing what kind of interests brought us to ship modeling. It was mostly history, and it was no surprise that we eventually started talking about the the Union Castle Line. As the talks went on, one thing led to another and this website was born. We'll see where we'll go from here.

Our agenda

Our goal is to have the Union Castle shipping line restored. When we say restored we don't mean restored in the same capacity that it once had. Our goal is to have it now serve as a tourist attraction. Developing tourism is a very important factor in getting the economy up and going. United Kingdom is a country with a rich history. Not all of it is great, but we did have our moments. We here at the Union Castle Line revival initiative like to think that Union Castle is one of those good moments, which are worth mentioning.

We are currently writing a plan for reviving Union Castle Line as a tourist attraction. Documentation should be finished sometime this year. We don't want to rush it and end up with a poorly written plan. That way we would be condemning ourselves to failure before even starting. Potential investors, and we are going to be needing them, need to see that we mean business. What better way to do that than with a well written plan.

Since the plan is still in the works, we're still hashing out the details, I can't be entirely sure just what Union Castle Line will be able to offer to the customers. We envisioned it as a vintage cruise line following the actual shipping lane that the Union Castle ships took. There'd be plenty of activities, like restaurants, bars, good food, etc. The kids will be able to enjoy history lessons, ship tours, tabletop games and even flights with long range RC drones. We're still working out the finer details, so stay tuned.

Join us

Currently there's more than enough of us here in the Union Castle Line initiative. Planning is done by me and a couple of other senior members. Others are pitching in their ideas. However we would like to prepare for the future.

In the future we will need lots of help in order to get our plan recognized by the proper channels, city council, national government, etc. That's where we will need your help. Yes, your help, all of you reading this. We will need volunteers to help us canvas, spread the word and participate in rallies to help us get our idea across to the public.

Team behind Union Castle Line revival initiative realizes that what we propose will not draw the same kind of public interest that a Justin Bieber concert would. Old steam ships are not something that interests lots of people. If you are the kind of guy or a gal that spends lots of time reading ship history or enjoy ship modeling then definitely contact us. Next to working on and talking about the Union Castle Line revival initiative, it's also possible that we employ you as a permanent staff member, once we get the initiative up and running full time.

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