Union Castle Line revival movement is a small group of people who are trying to bring back this old shipping line from the dead as a tourist attraction. My name is Tina Gordon and I’m currently the head of this group and the owner of the Union Castle Line website.

Lots of information I’ve already shared on the project homepage. I’ll refer you there to get the basics of what we’re about. Here I’ll talk a little bit more about the actual people behind this movement. There are 12 of us, like I already said. It’s 7 guys and 5 girls. All of us met a a ship modeling group meetings.

We’re librarians, medical techs, lab guys, IT guys, care givers and there’s also a one police constable. Right now our we’re working on the master plan for the Union Castle Line. It should be finished soon, after which we can start more concrete action in realizing our goals.