Ships of the Union Castle Line

Throughout the history there has been lots of ships in use by the Union Castle Line. A total of 107 ships were part of the fleet. We won’t be listing the names of all of them, but instead just writing a few lines on what kind of ships they were […]

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Union Castle Line mergers throughout history

Mergers are very important thing when talking about Union Castle Line. After all a merger is the reason why the Union Castle Line that we know and love today started existing in the first place. To refresh your memory it was the merger of 1900 between Union Shipping Line and […]

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Union Castle Line beginnings

Hi there. If you’ve read the wall of text which can be found on the homepage you probably have the basic gist what this website is about. Now we would like to start a series of articles explaining a bit more what Castle Union Line is exactly. We’ll do this […]

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